Sour Cream & Onion Cashews
Chilli & Honey Cashews
Mexican Spice Cashews
Rosemary & Garlic Almonds
Salted & Roasted Almonds


Raw Granola Cacao Crunch 350g
Raw Granola Cocoberry Crunch 350g
Raw Granola Original 350g

Welcome to Wilde Nuts,

We create great tasting and nutritious nut-based products for people who care about what goes into their bodies.

We’ve used our 30 years of experience in the world of nuts to create two exquisite product ranges.

Gourmet Nuts - Nuts is where we made our name, and for good reason. Our gourmet nuts are roasted and seasoned with a variety of natural and carefully selected seasonings. They really have to be tasted to be believed!

Premium Raw Granola - Our raw, grain-free granola is made from a variety of nuts and seeds and is 100% natural. No refined sugars or artificial nasties in sight; just great-tasting, natural granola for the health conscious.