Breakfast Banana Split

Remember when you were a kid, and all you wanted was to eat dessert for every meal? Well, it turns out you can. We’ve been loving these healthy banana splits for breakfast (or for any other time of the day). These are so easy to make, and so effective. Kids and adults alike will love this as a nutritious breakfast, a tasty snack, or a healthy dessert.



2 whole Bananas

½ cup of WildeNuts coconut crunch granola

1 Tbsp of honey

½ cup of summer berries (Or berries of your choice)

1 cup natural Greek yoghurt



Split bananas down the centre length ways, then rest in bowl.

Fill each bananas centre with the natural Greek yoghurt.

Sprinkle coconut crunch granola and your berries over each banana.

Drizzle over some honey to taste.

Grab a spoon and enjoy.




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