Nutty Update June 2018

WildeNuts has finally moved into Nutty HQ and we are just settling in. So, here is a nice update about our resident office dogs!


With our team of humans also comes two resident Doggos: Ayla the French Bulldog and Finlay the Corgi. They are here to make sure the team are working hard to create delicious nutty flavours and get the online orders out to our nutty family.


 French Bull Dog Ayla

Ayla the Frenchie is here to ensure that quality testing is adhered to at all times.

 Finlay Welsh Corgi

If you have ever wondered who responds to the Wilde Nutters emails? Well, here he is hard at work. It's Finlay the emailing Corgooooooo. 

We have also discovered that Manager Siobhan likes to give the puppies many treats. We suspect that she may have become a giant walking Kibble to Ayla… Needless to say, We have moved the dog treats to the other side of the office.

Ayla and Siobhan

Stay nutty!



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