The Super Powers of Cacao

It’s just gone 12 at the office and Mary from HR has sent 20 emails just this morning. The coffee machine is on the fritz and all you can think about is hitting up the vending machine on the 2nd floor. Whether it’s the stress of the office, deadlines creeping up or the house work piling on top of you, sometimes those 12pm chocolate cravings are hard to ignore.


So, before you reach for that super processed sugary treat let’s have a look at a chocolate alternative and the super powers of cacao.


Cacao is one of the most nutritionally complex foods on the planet, this is because it’s packed to the brim with antioxidants. It has over 300 vital compounds such as protein, fat, iron, zinc and magnesium.


Raw cacao can help elevate your mood, it contains a chemical similar to our naturally created adrenaline. It helps to keep you focused and alert because it increases your heart rate. It also contains happy endorphins that the body naturally produces after exercise.


This powerful ingredient is also super versatile and can help regulate your blood sugar, which helps losing and maintaining a healthy weight. (this will only work alongside a healthy diet and exercise).


You can find Raw Cacao Powder and Raw Cacao Nibs in our Cacao Crunch Granola, which you can also make into protein bars or vegan cookie balls.


So, when those 12pm chocolate cravings hit you, reach for a bag of our Cacao Crunch Granola to get you through. 



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