Top 5 Reasons Why Wilde Nuts Loves Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”


I’m sure we’ve all heard that quote thrown around many times before. But is it completely accurate? The research about eating breakfast and its health benefits aren’t super reliable. This just means that we don’t totally understand yet what benefits there are for eating breakfast. But, whether it is actually the most important meal or not, it is certainly a delicious one.


Here at Wilde Nuts We have our top 5 reasons why we love breakfast, but remember that everything depends on you, your health, your overall diet and your lifestyle.


  1. Starting the day with a protein and fibre rich breakfast can help kick start your metabolism in the morning and stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day. This means that you won’t have that midday slump, or get those 4pm sugar cravings.


  1. Breakfast is normally the biggest carbohydrate meal of the day. Most people rely on whole grains to supply them with vitamin B. For people who need an alternative, a great source of Vitamin B is sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds help to make up the base of all of our Organic Raw Granolas.


  1. Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help keep you motivated to make healthier food choices throughout the day. So, swapping that Danish or powdered donut for a big bowl of granola or a bowl of porridge can help keep you on track.


  1. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult, but breakfast eaters (Especially if you’re eating healthy breakfasts) tend to maintain their weight goals.


  1. Eating breakfast also gives you the energy supply required if you want to exercise. So, if your finding it difficult to get motivated for your morning run or that hour in the gym, eating a big bowl of WildeNuts granola will give your muscles some much needed energy.


These are just our favourite reasons to never skip breakfast. Let us know what you think about this fabulous mealtime.


(This is an opinion based article)



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