Almonds: The Unsung Heroes

Your average Joe will probably not know much about almonds. You yourself might be thinking it’s just a nut that tastes good, what else is there to know? Well, the almond actually has much more to offer than meets the eye. The almond has three parts to it which can all be used, but only one part is edible. 



So first we have the hull of the almond. Most people don’t know how an almond actually grows. Well, the first thing you will see on a growing almond would be the hull. So you’d think the almond's equivalent to a banana peel would be useless, right? Well, in fact the hull of the almond is commonly used for livestock which also helps reduce water usage in the growth of feed for animals! So the hull does not only keep YOU happy but also animals around the world, without you even knowing about it.                



The shell of the almond is almost like wood. It keeps the kernel safe from animals and other intruders. Most would think the shell of a nut would be useless, like a walnut shell after you crack it. The value of the shell however lies in its wood like appearance and strength. Many almond shells are used for gardening or landscaping, in fact you probably see almond shells more than you’d think! The biodegradable yet strong material is optimal for decoration and livestock bedding, again effectively helping our beloved domestic animals. 



And finally, the kernel. The corn of the cob if you will, a creamy, tasty and very healthy part of the nut that you probably know as the almond. The kernel comes jam packed with tons of goodies! First of all, it is a great source of protein and fibre. Protein in almonds is full of energy that your body can use and the fibre in the almond can help fight your hunger pangs. 


What we are really trying to say is the almond is actually a superhero in the nut world. This might sound totally nutty, but put it this way: The almond helps humans and animals through good health using its hull and kernel and it aids the environment with its hull and shell! You could say that the almonds protect all of us. 

We hope introducing this superhero to you has brightened up your day. Stay Nutty!


 almond infographic




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