Why you should go nutty for gourmet nuts

Nutty_AdventureWhy have we created gourmet nuts I hear you ask? Well, we wanted to create a range of gourmet nuts because we were in desperate need of a snack which was packed full of flavour but was also nutritious. From this, our Gourmet nuts were born.

We are all crazy for nuts here at our nutty HQ in Manchester UK and we all love to adventure. Whether it is mountain biking, climbing or running we are always on the move. We created this range of snacks because we wanted something that tasted as great as your everyday snacks but doesn't have all the hidden nasties inside. Instead, our nuts are flavoured with natural ingredients that we handpick for each flavour. This ensures that when you pick up a bag of our gourmet nuts you know that these snacks are going to not only taste amazing but fuel you for your every adventure.

So, here are our top reasons why Gourmet nuts are the best snacking option. 


1. Each Gourmet Nut flavor is handcrafted and hand chosen to ensure that they pack that flavor punch and nothing is compromised during cooking. 


2. Our Gourmet cashews are pack full of those unsaturated fats you keep hearing about. They also contain important vitamins and minerals too!


3. Our Gourmet Almonds are the savory snack option you have been waiting for filled to the brim with magnesium and protein helping you fuel your body for your everyday adventures. 


4. Gourmet nuts are the underdogs of the snacking world. They are very versatile and can be used in recipes or snacked on as they are. If you head over to our recipes blog page you can find lots of ways to use our Gourmet nuts to up your lunch box game. 


5. They help fight off lots of different diseases and heart problems. So, instead of an apple a day, grab a handful of nuts a day to keep the doctor at arms length. 


Hopefully, now you are as nutty for gourmet nuts as we are! Have an awesome day and stay nutty.





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