The Seven Nut Butters Of Westeros - Game Of Thrones

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of great TV shows on at the moment. But the one that has been discussed the most in the office is probably Game of Thrones. The other day, we were chatting about the latest episode, when someone shouted “I bet the Lannisters would love our espresso vanilla butter!”

It was intended as a joke, but after the laughter subsided this got me thinking. What if there was nut butter in Westeros? I realise how improbable that is, but I couldn’t help let my imagination run with it, and that leaves us with this: the 7 Nut butters of Westeros.


  1. House Targaryen – Matcha Tea Cashew Butter

The Targaryens are a strong house, but are unknown to most of the other houses on the isle of Westeros. Therefore, it would be Matcha Tea Cashew Butter which would best represent the house of Targaryens: strong and unusual.

  1. House Martell – Mango and Turmeric Cashew Butter

Seated at Sunspear, it felt appropriate that the Martells be represented by Mango and Turmeric. With the sweetness of mango and the spice of turmeric, this experimental blend marries extremely well. The Martells would definitely enjoy using the Mango and Turmeric Cashew Butter in their cooking.

  1. House Stark – Chocolate Cashew Butter

The Kings in the north stand for no nonsense, therefore would not like a nut butter with too much going on. So the Simplicity but richness of the Chocolate Cashew Butter would be appealing to the Lords of Winterfell and Wardens of the North.

  1. House Tully – Roasted and Salted Almond Butter

The Lords of Riverrun have simple ideology of family, honour and duty, but their strong beliefs make them stand out from the rest of the great houses. Therefore our simple roasted and salted almond nut butter would suit them best. It is unique and simple just the like the Lords and Ladies of house Tully. 

  1. House Lannister - Espresso Vanilla Cashew Butter

The Lannisters are a regal breed and would demand the best of what our cashew nut butters have to offer, and that has to be the office favourite, Espresso Vanilla. With the rich taste of espresso and the sweet vanilla this would meet the Lannister’s high standards.

  1. House Tyrell – Banana and Honey Cashew Butter

The roses of Highgarden smell as beautiful as they look, and the Banana and Honey Cashew Butter would match them in both aroma and look. The Tyrells are smooth talking and clever, much like the combination of honey and banana to make a delicious addition to protein shakes or sandwiches.

  1. House Arryn – Italian Cashew Butter

House Arryn, seated in the top of the mountain, the principal house of the Vale, they have a strong hold in the mountains and are hearty bunch which have remained strong in their impregnable castle. The intense savoury flavour of the Italian nut butter would be best suited for them.



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